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Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeling frustrated and misled

OK, so when I call someone out, CarMax, it's only fair that I say why. (see Twitter feed)

We purchased a used vehicle over the weekend. In the process of the purchase I questioned the integrity of the front tires, stating "they probably pass minimum standard, but they are nearing the end of their life, and I would like to buy this vehicle if it had better tires on the front." The salesman and a second rep looked at the tires and both agreed that they looked worn, and also probably passed the minimum requirement, but they went ahead and wrote what I thought was an order for new tires, but in fact was only a "consult and advise" for the service dept.

So we bought the vehicle. I took it today for what I thought were two new tires and was told "the tread is still good." I said, "I know, but it really is not good, and I was expecting two new tires." Then followed a sequence of "there's nothing we can do, sir"s. Except "if you're not satisfied with the vehicle you can bring it back and we will take it back."

Well, we love the vehicle and are not taking it back, but are less than pleased with the CarMax service at this point. If they inspected the vehicle, put it on the sale lot, and had already determined that the tires met minimum requirement and that they would not change them, why send me out with additional time and energy invested in going back to the garage for "advisement."? Just tell me that it will be sold as is or not sold at all, and then I make a choice.

I am sure that there were not violations of company "policy" and that they are following the letter of their law the way it is written. But I still feel cheated by being put through motions that obviously had no meaning.

I've spoken with sales managers, service managers and corporate customer service. I expect to be buying two tires before traveling for the holidays, and I expect to never again purchase a CarMax vehicle.

If anything changes, I will more than gladly post the resolution...

Side note: within minutes of tweeting my displeasure, I had a direct message from CarMax corporate asking me to call them ... the "power" of the internet.

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  1. We all want the Shively family safe. Buy the tires. Too bad CarMax never heard the Andy Murray song "Grandaddy was farmer"


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